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Less can be more, they say. Apply that to dance, and one could discuss how the impact of a single moving person — in his/her unique movement signature, emotional life and simply humanity — can sometimes supersede that of a large dancing group. Furthering that idea of less being more, Roberto Villanueva, executive and artistic director, and founder of BalaSole Dance Company, created a concept of linking a dance with one dancer to one word for Gamme — An Evening of Solos. The company works to “bridge the gaps in the field of concert dance.” - Kathryn Boland, Dance Informa (New York, NY)

A phenomenal dancer. - Juan Michael Porter II, HuffPost (New York, NY)

Mr. Villanueva appeared in his own opus “Sssssshallow” about a preening, self-centered dude in a handsome dark suit.  He showed the best overall technique of the evening. - Joel Benjamin, Times Square Chronicles (New York, NY)

Later, to a jazzy soundtrack, Mr. Villanueva performs a leaping solo that exploits his supple leg extensions and nimble attack. - Rosyln Sulcas, The New York Times (New York, NY)

Mr. Villanueva stood out for the deftness and technical control of his dancing. - Jennifer Dunning,The New York Times (New York, NY)

A dazzling soloist with bravura technique and facility that puts him in Sylvie Guillem's league. - Juan Michael Porter II (New York, NY)

The choreography for Oliver Steele, Roberto Villanueva, Riki Varone and Cyndi Goerig let brisk, no-nonsense walking steps develop into complex but always clear and sharp-edged patterns. - Jack Anderson, The New York Times (New York, NY)

He also put his agile, near-naked body through "Air," a pretty, stretchy bit showing off his extensions and command of space. - Joel Benjamin, Theater Scene (New York, NY)

Mr. Villanueva was internal pain, the pain and loss that is still there when everyone else has gone home. He expressed the hole left in one's existence by the absence and the reality of fact of someone's passing. His dancing was a spiritual journey of transcendence from the physical to the spiritual. - Darrell Wood, NYC Dance Stuff (New York, NY)

“SSSSSShallow,” choreographed and danced by Roberto Villanueva with music by the Black Violin gave a stark  commentary on the harshness of the business world, as well as innuendoes of  corruption, greed and inhumanity. Dressed in a  business suit and using much facial expression, the dancer gave a fearless and provocative statement in a confined space. - Linda Diamond, ENV Magazine (New York, NY)

The two most memorable were "SSSSSSShallow," choreographed and danced by Roberto Villanueva, founder and Executive & Artistic Director of BalaSole and the other was "Inside Looking Out" choreographed and danced by Sarah J. Ewing, an Australian dancer/ choreographer. Both had the passion and technique one needs in contemporary dance. - Francine L. Stevens, Art Times (New York, NY)

The final solo of the evening was Mr. Villanueva himself. His solo seemed to reflect the jadedness and fatigue of his early efforts in concert dance, yet he remained resolute and victorious. His redemption manifested through his impeccable embodiment of the music through his movement. - Jessica Abejar, Broadway World (New York, NY)

The last solo of the evening was Mr. Villanueva's "Me, Myself, and I." The comedic theme of one dancer split between portraying two characters left the audience in joyful laughter, and Mr. Villanueva's impeccable lines and effortless grace left them also in awe. His extensions seemed to expand so far beyond the corners of the stage that one could never imagine that his short stature would keep him from booking a dance gig, as he so mentioned earlier in the evening when speaking of the company's mission. And upon meeting Mr. Villanueva, who thanked every single patron at the door, one could never imagine that that short-statured man was the elegantly exquisite dancer who just graced the stage minutes before. - Jessica Abejar, Broadway World (New York, NY)

...Highlights of the evening for the quality of the dancing and the choreography were Diamond in the Rough danced and choreographed by Kara Edwards, Lealtad nos Libera (Excerpt) performed by Durell R. Comedy and choreographed by Roger C. Jeffrey, and Predicament choreographed and danced by Roberto Villanueva... Villanueva's dance costume--a very long red skirt draped out across the stage set up an interesting visual "predicament."...the dance drew me in with its slow and sustained movements. - Elizabeth McPherson, Attitude:  The Dancers' Magazine (New York, NY)

Mr. Villanueva’s Saborear Esos Momentos displayed the advantages of being an experienced performer. Mr. Villanueva’s ease and pleasure in his work increased our pleasure in watching him. - Roberta Pikser, Theater Scene (New York, NY)

...une fluidité totale qui impressionne et qu'on trouve chez ses trois danseurs: Roberto Villanueva (renversant!), Sabrena Berryman et la Fribourgeoise Nathalie Favre-Pandur. [Translated from French to English: ...a total fluidity that is impressive and that is also present in her three dancers: Roberto Villanueva (breathtaking!), Sabrena Berryman and the Fribourg-born Nathalie Favre-Pandur.] - Florence Michel, La Liberté  (Fribourg, Switzerland)

..."Low Feed," ...was essentially an exploration of the different textures of dancing by Roberto Villanueva, Ms. Giordano, and Stacy Zawadski. - Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times (New York, NY)

In a male duet tiny, androgynous Roberto Villanueva and taller, bearded Sandy Chase lift and carry equally, despite their disparate sizes. - Gus Solomon,The Village Voice (New York, NY)

Roberto Villanueva, a small powerhouse, drew appreciative gasps from the audiences at the close of his dramatic abstract solo from "Cuori Separati." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, The Village Voice (New York, NY)

Cuori Separati ...choreographed and performed by Roberto Villanueva, was another bright moment.  This extraordinarily gifted dancer has performed in several seasons with the Company... - Carl Paris, Attitude:  The Dancers' Magazine (New York, NY)

...performed Cuori Separati, a work in progress by thimble-sized dancer and choreographer Roberto Villanueva...all the music was compellingly performed...the sinuous flowing, rolling, and tumbling of bodies contrasted with deliberate contractions and falls, backbends and side curves were absorbing... .When Mr. Villanueva is on the stage, he is huge, and that is all that mattered. - Madeleine L. Dale, Attitude:  The Dancers' Magazine (New York, NY)

"Invisible" was danced by the company's most nuanced dancer, Roberto Villanueva. Bare-chested, wearing grey pants, Mr. Villanueva filled the space with fast walks, undulating body movements, high kicks, gradually building from a couching, lonely pose into a bundle of energy...Again, it was this dancer's ebulient quality that colored the pedestrian, but superficially snazzy choreography...Again, Mr. Villanueva was a little bundle of energy and professionalism. - Joel Benjamin, TheaterScene (New York, NY)

...led by guest dancer Roberto Villanueva, was striking...Villanueva...was quick as lightning.  He moved like a silver dart, very precise, controlled and strong - Amy Rumizen-Cohen, The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)

...Roberto Villanueva, who is boyish in build and a fascinating dancer to watch. - Nancy Pollina, The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)

Another standout was Roberto Villanueva, a little dynamo of a dancer who can out-jump and out-smile everyone else on stage. But he can be a moodier dancer as well, as he proved in "invisible", a somewhat brooding, contemporary solo... - Ellen Gaintner, Roberta on the Arts (New York, NY)

Yet another part is sensuality, best realized by the one male member of the company, Roberto Villanueva, whether performing a solo or being cradled... - Roberta Pikser,  Roberta on the Arts (New York, NY)

Roberto, a virtuoso by the mastermind behind BalaSole, a unique enterprise which offers performance opportunites for dancers of various stylistic backgrounds...BalaSole provides a valuable and meaningful setting for concert dance, and Roberto Villanueva's commitment and skill as an impresario - to say nothing of his superb dancing - are to be applauded.- Phillip Gardner, Oberon's Grove (New York, NY)

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